Children’s Natural Paint Made by Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paints

Get back to the basics and become a down-to-earth person by using natural earth paints. Leah Fanning Mebane and husband Drew, founders of “Natural Earth Paint”, will supply you and your little ‘earthlings’ with top notch (highest quality) all natural earth pigments (colors). Their non-toxic and organic ‘Children’s Earth Paint Kits’ are very safe to […]

Natural Crayons and Finger Paints For Children

Crayon Rocks

More parents are sourcing non-toxic arts and crafts for their children.  They are safe, fun to play with and you do not have to worry about chemical poisoning if your baby or toddler happens to eat them. Mother Earth provided natural mineral pigments for us to create beautiful coloring tools for everyone to enjoy: parents, teachers […]

Natural Art Supplies for Kids by Wee Can Too

'Wee Can Too' Edible Paint

Parents need not to worry anymore about their children getting sick from using toxic finger paint and will save money on art supply expenses by using products that are long lasting. “Wee Can Too” is a natural art supply company that was founded by mothers who were concerned about their children’s health and the environment. Organic Finger Paints Available […]

Wooden Plan Toys

Plan Toy Doll Family

“Wooden” it be nice to choose non-toxic wooden toys for babies/toddlers/children, that would give you peace of mind in knowing what they play with won’t pose a threat to their health. One toy in particular is the Woodpecker Baby/Toddler Walker by Plan Toys.  When this wooden “woody woodpecker” walker is pushed, the woodpeckers peck their […]

Wooden Musical Toys For Babies/Toddlers

Kids Drum Set

Learning is a life time of experiences.  The moment your baby is born they are learning through smell, touch, seeing and hearing. These natural senses which your baby is born with help to define their character.  Nurturing their senses is important as it builds their confidence. Start by turning off the television and stimulate your […]

Wooden Building Blocks and Shape Sorters

Eeny, Meeny, Miny Zoo by Haba

Honing (sharpening) your child’s cognitive skills is crucial.  Having cognitive skills helps them to process and obtain knowledge through thinking and doing. Developing your child’s cognitive skills is very important because it gives them the ability to learn and helps them successfully to process new information which will help them to succeed in life. So […]

Edible Art Supplies For Kids: Safe For Little “Ankle Biters”!

Wee Can Too Baby Model

More parents these days are starting to realize the impact toxic chemicals are having on their children’s lives .  They are exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis;  from what they bathe in to the foods/beverages they eat/drink and the air they breathe. So why not let your babies, toddlers and older children explore […]