“Sweater Stone” Lint Remover Made From Pumice Stone

Sweater Stone

Sweater Stone sold by 'Sugar Avenue Bargains'

Having trouble removing pilling from your garments?  Well, here is where “Sweater Stone” comes to the rescue.  This brilliant company came up with the idea of using pumice stone as a natural alternative to using dry cleaning.

Pumice stone is formed when lava is cooled quickly upon reaching above ground.  It is considered as volcanic glass and is porous; meaning air and liquid can pass through it because it is made of minute holes.  Sold by Sugar Avenue Bargains on eBay, Sweater Stone is able to remove pilling because of the broken cells sharp edge.  It easily cuts the fibre that holds the pill to the garment.  The tiny cells break off under force and good thing too as this prevents the garment from getting torn.  A versatile product, Sweater Stone can be used on a variety of fabrics including polar fleece and upholstery.  Being lightweight it is easy to manage.

It is only natural that a slight odour emanates from the Sweater Stone when used as it is an organic substance coming from a volcanic site or hot springs etc.  After use, the odour disappears within seconds and will not linger on your garment.

Wanting to try this “wonder stone”, I contacted Fred Menath who is the President of “Sweater Stone Inc and placed my order.  My Sweater Stone arrived neatly packaged in a 100% post consumer box.  Without delay, I got to work on one of my sweaters/jumpers and was amazed how well the Sweater Stone performed and the little time it took to remove all the pilling.  Priced under USD $10 (excluding shipping fees), the Sweater Stone was certainly more than worth it!  I would like to note that my Sweater Stone came with a very humorous letter from Fred Menath.  He mentioned “most customers lend theirs (meaning Sweater Stone) out though, and we all know how that goes……..”

Sweater Stone is also sold at the following online stores:

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Amazon.co.uk
  3. Amazon.ca

Benefits of Using Sweater Stone

  1. No batteries needed.
  2. Economical.
  3. 100% Biodegradable.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Last 10 years if looked after well.

Sweater Stone is 100% American made in sheltered workshops for the disabled.

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