Lead-Free Garden Hoses

Eco Smart and Family Safe Garden Hose sold on Amazon

Eco Smart and Family Safe Garden Hose sold on Amazon

A garden hose is a garden hose, right?  Not on your Nellie (meaning not on your life or not likely)!   Most of them are a hassle as they kink (crease) which shuts off your water supply.  Others sprout holes; if you wanted a soaker hose you would have bought one!

Anyway, how many people know the danger in using a garden hose to water their plants/lawn or even drinking from one?  Very few!  A majority of garden hoses are highly toxic.

They are synthetic and made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).  Lead is used in its production as the lead acts as a stabilizer.  This means the lead absorbs the hydrochloric acid which the plastic releases as it ages.  The idiotic idea here was to make the garden hose last longer.

However, what is even scarier is that when garden hoses are exposed to sunlight for lengthy periods or they come in contact with solvents (liquids that cause plastic to dissolve) which make them brittle and crack, then lead dust resurfaces.

Not only that, those brass fittings for garden hoses also contain lead.   Now the alarm bells are going off!  Your babies and children are out in the yard and they are playing with the garden hose.  They are putting the garden hose in their mouths as well as their fingers.

Now for the good news!  You can buy Eco Smart Lead Free Garden Hoses on Amazon.  These eco-garden hoses are labeled “drink safe” or “safe for potable water”.  Even though the garden hose is labeled “drink safe”, I would still make sure the water coming out of the garden hose has been running for a tad so that the water is cold.  Better to do this as bacteria have been known to thrive in warm water.

Lead Free Kink Free Farm Hoses by Colorite sold on eBay

Lead Free Kink Free Farm Hoses by Colorite

Another hose manufacturer “Colorite”  provide 3/4-inch diameter x 50-foot length kink free, lead free farm hoses. You will find Colorite lead free hoses sold on eBay. Worldwide shipping is available.

Did You Know:  The origin of the first garden hose was ‘born’ from Jan and Nicolaes van der Heiden’s invention of a fire hose in 1672.

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